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Scam. I agree with other reviews.

Their website is very misleading. I got there at 9am, I was estranged there until 7pm.. and work not done... no lunch, snack or anything.

I kept asking how long the procedure takes, every time, they were like 30 more minutes, 15 more minutes.. I just couldn't leave... for 10 hours..when I finally got off that dental chair, I almost faint... when I complained about not being t informed of such a long procedure, they said "you should have told us if you had time constraint." Wtf????

I spent about 5 times more than I had expected. I could have got that done in US in 2 hours for probably about the same price. This place is a joke. Scam.

No ethic. All about squeezing money out of you...

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I had the same experience. They have you sit there for hours while the dentists and owner/office manager Omar Espinosa sit in a conference room reviewing your case and looking for things to sell.

There is no good medical reason for the office manager to be so involved in the process.

It's all about money. This was the worst dental experience of my life by far.

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